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Saxon SM35 motion discriminator....................... £230


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Saxon SM45 motion discriminator....................... £350


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We have made these Saxon metal detectors since 1979. Our first metal detectors. The Saxon and the Saxon 2 went down a storm in the late 1970's, being acclaimed as a best buy in Which magazines test report in 1980. Since those early days of UK metal detecting we have moved on a  bit. The Saxon 3, The Saxon SM30, The Saxon SM40, The Saxon X-1, Probably the deepest seeking metal detector anywhere, and now The Saxon SM35 and SM45. These have all been really good Metal Detectors, We have not made any lemons. We have always given a two-year no quibble Guarantee; so confident are we in the quality of construction and reliability of our detectors. Quite a few of our early Saxons are still going believe it or not. Newcomers to this hobby very quickly get overwhelmed by the jargon, and to be blunt 'Bull' churned out by the metal detecting industry. The majority of metal detectors sold today are of American manufacture, or more commonly these days Made in China and badged in America. The American metal detecting scene is  completely different from in the UK . In America there is virtually nothing more than 150 years old to find and the place is  vast. Most American detectorists have nothing more exciting than local parks or beaches to search and this has led to such nonsense as the Notch, Target ID, Tone ID, Programmable Discrimination, Target Depth Indicators,  ( So who cares if its 3 or 7 inches you still dig it ). And whatever else the marketing men can dream up. Fortunately for us detecting in Europe and especially England  is a completely different ball game. We have so much to find. Just about every field will contain literally thousands of non-ferrous items, many of them interesting and many valuable going back thousands of years. Aren't we lucky? Picture a piece of land just about anywhere, the size of a tennis court. And once every 100 years for the last two thousand years somebody lost something interesting. That's twenty items. Fantastic! It's not that easy of course. Nothing ever is. You need a reasonable detector, Something descent to dig with and lots and lots of patience. Its a fascinating hobby.



This old Saxon 2 detector recently sold on EBAY for over £80.00 which is considerably more than it cost when we made it about 30 years ago