Metal Detecting Forums

Here's a good place to get some honest unbiased advice you may think .

Well think again ! They already seen you coming.

Manufacturers / importers and their many many stooges lost no time at all infiltrating the many Metal Detecting forums that can be found. A newcomer to the hobby could be excused for thinking that these many posts offering " Buying advice " are from fellow detectorists like him/her self . This is often far from the truth unfortunately.

Stooge no 1 posts. What's the best pinpoint probe to buy ?

Stooge no 2 posts. Well I bought the "Wonder probe" at £90 from XXXXXX and its wonderful.

Stooge no 3 chips in. Yes I use one of these also its "Fantastic"

In reality Stooge 1,2,and 3 are the same person pushing a certain product on the unwary.

Stooge no 1 posts. I was thinking of buying a detector direct from a US company they are half the price.

Stooge no 2 posts. I did that and regretted it. Much better to pay twice as much from a UK source.

Stooge no 3 posts. Yes they use the profits from these gray imports to finance drug smuggling and other serious crime.

Stooge no 1 posts. My friend has just bought a new detector from brand XXXXX and is finding loads of good stuff. I cant wait to get one.

Stooge no 2 posts. Yes I am getting one also.

Stooge no 3 posts. Save one for me.

Get the idea. Many posters are anonymous hiding behind an obscure username. Its easy to register with many different usernames on the same forum.

Some forums are actually sponsored by the trade.

You should study the posters carefully. The genuine posters very quickly drift of topic and start arguing and abusing each other.

While stooges try to stay on topic pushing a particular brand or product.


Stooges don't be fooled by them

Remember A fool and his money are soon parted


When reading post's on forums look for adverts at the sides,top or bottom of the pages. You will notice that most post's tend to promote products that are advertised. Not rocket science is it. Stealth marketing on metal detecting forums has now become epidemic. Forums supposedly hundreds of miles away have the same members promoting the same products.

On just about all forums you are required to register in some way. Username and password. This is so that the forum admins/moderators can remove any dissenting points of view.

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