This is our lowest priced ( entry level ) detector.


The Saxon SM35 is an ideal beginners detector being very simple to set up and operate. It has just one control that switches the detector on and varies the discrimination level.

Simple to operate

Apart from this simplicity of operation , the SM35 has performance that will make it attractive to more experienced users.  As the 'M' in its name implies, this is a "M"otion detector which means that it can discriminate and cancel out ground mineralisation at the same time.  The search head must be kept moving for the detector to register a target; the sweep speed , however, can be quite slow.  The detector also runs on 'silent threshold'; the tuning is taken care of electronically, and the only sound to come from the headphones will be when the detector locates a metal object.

DESCRIPTION   The Saxon SM35 is a well-made machine, tough enough to take all hard knocks of field usage.  Unusually for these times, the control box is made of tough, but lightweight, aluminum rather than the normal plastic.  The detector follows the 'S' shape style, with built-in armrest, now favored by most manufacturers (and users). The detector is well-balanced and comfortable to grip and sweep.  Although a few ounces heavier than plastic box machines this detector is still of lightweight construction and can be used for long periods without fatigue.    Stem adjustment is of the positive, locking screw collar type and a nylon isolator rod spaces the metal lower stem from the search head. The battery compartment of the SM35 is situated at the bottom of the control box  and separated from the rest of the electronics (to prevent damage in case of battery leakage).  Access is by means of a metal plate/stand held in position by two coin slot headed screws.  The circuitry is powered by a multiclip of eight AA penlight batteries (12 volts) and battery life is excellent. This battery pack is connected to a small socket situated at the rear of the detector to facilitate on board charging.

Rugged but lightweight aluminium construction

DISCRIMINATION     Threshold setting, sensitivity and ground cancel functions are all preset or are controlled electronically on this detector and the only control the user needs adjust is that of discrimination. As with any detector, discrimination should be used sparingly on the SM35 and the minimum applied that the site will allow; the more discrimination used the less depth and the more chance of rejecting a wanted item. It is very useful, before taking any new detector into the field, to set it up on a wooden test bench (preferably outside and away from interference from televisions, fluorescent lights etc) and note the response it gives to a selection of coins, and a range of junk items. The results of this are set out below but if you own a SM35 or are about to purchase one, try this for yourself. Minimum Discrimination: Did not pick up small nails (ie. of panel pin size) but registered larger nails (ie. 3 inch) although with slightly broken signal.  Otherwise still signaled all wanted and junk targets tried. All the wanted targets registered with a loud signal (not a whisper).



High quality aluminium fittings throughout

FIELD APPRAISAL   As was evident in the bench testing it is possible to set the discrimination at a fairly low level for use on fields and woodlands and take out virtually all junk in terms of nails and other ferrous. At setting '2' for example, the SM35 was able to ignore most iron whilst retaining virtually all of its depth and sensitivity.  Even when set to '3' and rejecting silver paper, very little was lost in terms of performance. However, settings above that level should be avoided unless there is no other  way of working the site. The discrimination control is fitted with a large, easy-to-turn knob.  Thus it is possible to use the SM35 in a low discrimination setting. As tuning is electronic, there is no need to reset to threshold after adjusting the discrimination - the detector takes care of all this.  Although working on the 'motion' principle, the detector will still operate with very slow movement of the search head - pinpointing is thus very easy even without an 'all metal' mode to assist in the operation. Recovery time is also rapid on this machine so if, for example a piece of iron was encountered in a single sweep with a non-ferrous item an inch or so from it, the circuitry would have recovered from encountering the iron in time to signal the wanted target.

8.5 inch carbon screened 2D searchcoil

Rear view showing Speaker,Headphone Socket and Charger Socket

Guaranteed two years parts and labour

230.00   plus 8.00 p+p

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