Saxon X-1 Ultra-deepseeking Analytical Metal Detector.

   Until the advent of the Saxon X-1 , there had been no successful attempt to produce a generally useable deep-seeking detector for many years.   Regardless of claims made,  all recent designs lacked adequate discrimination at depth - if they could discriminate at all.   They could not be used efficiently on the vast majority of inland sites because such sites are contaminated with iron fragments and other magnetic material.  The operator of such equipment very soon lost confidence to dig anything deep.  Anyone who persisted soon had scrap iron by the bucketful and virtually nothing else - apart from blistered hands and backache, that is!

A truly efficient deep-seeker remained just a dream!


The dream becomes a reality  -  with the Saxon X-1

The Saxon X-1 was designed from start to finish as a highly accurate discriminating and ultra deep-seeking detector.  In comparison to the old Arado 120b and 130 models of the late 1970's and 1980's the X-1 has very much more depth - a staggering increase in the order of 50% right across the board.  Moreover, it is much more stable, easier to use, has a more rugged construction with far better balance and suffers much less from power-line interference.

The X-1 does require a highly experienced operator with access to a considerable number of reasonably good sites, so that its full capabilities can be both realised and appreciated.  Moreover, such operator needs to be experienced in the use of other than Motion Detectors in order to have a realistic appreciation of what is in the ground and of the various types of ground effect likely to be encountered.

Without any doubt whatever, it is much easier to find large quantities of small non-ferrous metal items with the X-1 than with the Arado 120b and 130 detectors, particularly on the less prolific or 'worked out' sites.  The main problem likely to be encountered is that of fatigue, due to the effort of digging so many relatively deep holes.  Such a sensitive machine must also be extremely stable and this requirement means the X-1 is rather heavier than average.

Although appearing somewhat less-iron sensitive than the Arado 130 and massively less than a typical Pulse Induction detector, the X-1 is easier to use in the more open and uncontaminated places, particularly meadows and woodlands, like the model 130.  To begin searching in such places is strongly recommended.  (As this is a detector for inland use, salt-water beaches should be avoided).

The Saxon X-1 provides the first real performance improvement in deep-seeking detectors for many years - and this improvement is truly massive!


     Main features of the Saxon X-1


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The Saxon  X-1.  The deep-seeking detector that really performs!




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